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Best Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra


Are you a natural lover? If yes, you may know that nature is most beautiful during the monsoon. You can view greenish nature all around the area because rain turns everything beautiful, especially dry ground into a lush, green landscape. If you want to explore the season, you can try trekking. Monsoon is also an excellent time to go on a trek and explore the forests, a small waterfall, and a new hiking trail, and relax at the top of the forest. Maharashtra is blessed with various hill stations and rugged terrains that are ideal for your monsoon treks, making it one of the top states in India for monsoon getaways. These monsoon treks in Maharashtra are the best weekend getaways for you if you want to get away from the busy schedule of your city life and go outdoors for a little adventure. Below you will see a list of best monsoon treks in Maharashtra:



Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra Highlights


Treks and Maharashtra is having some strong bond. There are lot places for treks in Maharashtra which get thousands of visitors every season. monsoon season makes trekking experience even more special with the add on like waterfalls, water streams, dense forests, fireflies events, etc. Studies identified that regular trek helps you lower your blood pressure and chance of getting diabetics. In India around 300-500 people in average go for trek in a day.  Monsoon treks in Maharashtra is having several categories like Waterfall treks, Fort treks, Forest treks, etc Breathtaking Forest views, small to large waterfalls, Absolute lush green mountains and its views, Water streams, Forts, Rivers are some of the iconic attractions of monsoon treks.


  1. Bhimasankar Trek


The Bhimashankar Trek is one of the best monsoon treks in Maharashtra’s . It takes you to Bhimashankar Temple, which is 50 kilometers from Khed and 114 kilometers from Pune. The temple is located in India’s Western Ghats and is surrounded by deep forests, making it ideal for adventure and pleasure. A variety of animal and plant species can be found in the forest. Nature lovers will enjoy exploring the rich greenery, but prior trekking experience is required. Trekkers frequently visit Bhimashankar from Pune and Mumbai for a day-long recreational activity that can easily be completed over a weekend. Beginners might enlist the help of one of the adventure companies to plan a shorter and easier trek.

Bhimashankar trek photoshoot

Bhimashankar, which is known for the Jyotirlinga Shrine, receives a large number of visitors throughout the year. Apart from its religious significance, the Sahyadri hills are also an excellent place to trek. Walking through the lush greenery and seeing the area immersed in pure beauty is a memorable experience. A broad selection of vegetation and fauna can be found in peaceful surroundings. The area has been designated as a wildlife sanctuary, Bhimashankar wildlife sanctuary, due to a large amount of greenery and wildlife. It is a great area to go on a hike and a natural adventure. The Sanctuary is home to various faunas and was originally established to safeguard the Giant Indian Squirrel’s habitat. The difficulty of hiking depends on the route, easy or moderate. Monsoon makes Bhimasankar  even more special place for trekkers to explore.


Location– Bhimasankar
Altitude– 3250 feet
Difficulty level- Easy to moderate
Duration-4-5 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places– 12 Jyotirlinga Temples of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva Temple, Bhima River, which flows south-east and merges with the Krishna River.Bhimashankar Wildlife Sanctuary.


  1. Devkund Waterfall Trek


Devkund Waterfalls are a famous tourist attraction and a beautiful picnic place in Bhira, Raigad district, Maharashtra. Devkund is 123.5 kilometers and 98.8 kilometers from Mumbai and Pune. The Devkund waterfalls are a confluence of three waterfalls that are thought to originate from the Kundalika river. The water falls from an 80-foot height to a little pond at the bottom. You would have to travel roughly 3- 4 kilometers after arriving at the base village of Bhira. Walking around the Bhira dam and across a region of the dense forest range is part of the trek. On the way, you will pass by a little water stream and open fields. The trek is considered somewhat challenging for you. 

Devkund waterfall

The forest trail is wet and rocky in most places but mostly flat. You must travel with a guide and a local person familiar with the Devkund forests. The trail begins in Bhira, where you will find various direction boards and signs. You will trek alongside the Bhira dam reservoir for the first half-hour of your trip. You will have to walk and cross two streams for the next 45-50 minutes. Then there is a short climb that leads to a rocky outcropping. When the rocky section is over, you will have arrived at your destination to complete your trek. 


The Devkund Waterfall Trek is around 2700 feet in height. The waterfall falls down the steep wall into a natural pool of blue water with a powerful attack. The fresh waterfall runs all year, making it one of Maharashtra’s few year-round waterfalls. Devkund waterfall is a great place to visit if you want to get away from the busy city life.


Location– Patnus
Altitude– 2700 feet
Difficulty level- Easy
Duration-3-4 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places– Bhira dam & Tamhini Ghat, Devkund Waterfall, Origin of Kundalika river


  1. Sondai Fort Trek

Sendai is a small fort that serves as a watchtower instead of a fort. It is part of the Matheran or Karjat mountain range in Maharashtra. Sendai Fort, located in Kajrat, is one of Maharashtra’s most beautiful trekking locations especially one of the people’s favorite monsoon treks in Maharashtra. The majestic fort stands like a watchtower in the Matheran range and provides amazing views during the monsoon season. Additionally, the trek includes walking across lush green hills while admiring nature’s raw beauty. If you enjoy being surrounded by peaceful hills, traveling to new locations, and learning about different cultures, the Sondai is one of the best places for you.

iron ladder sondai fort

The Sondai fort monsoon trek is a moderately difficult trail that takes around an hour to complete. During the monsoon, the trail gets a little more difficult since the rock steps become wet. The fort can be reached in two ways. The one from Sondewadi is preferable because the one from Wavarle has a more challenging approach. After all, it passes through the dense forest area. The Sendai Fort Trek is located nine kilometers from Kajart Railway Station. More Dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri forts, Karnala Fort, and the Matheran mountain range are all visible. From here you can enjoy watching all the places. To protect trade routes, Sendai Fort Karjat was utilized as a watchtower. The Sendai fort’s base villages are Sondewadi and Wavarle. Sondewadi village is a 1/4 village height of this fort.


The Sendai fort trek is a modest hill fort trip that is more of a watchtower, standing at the height of 365 meters. In addition, it provides a stunning view of the neighboring valleys and mountains. Climbing cliffs and hiking through dense forests are part of the Sendai Fort journey, not for the faint of heart. There are two water cisterns on the site, and steps carved out of rocks lead to the top, where a Sendai Devi god stands. Two more water cisterns with potable water are on the way. Waverley is another village from which the approach to the fort is difficult due to the dense forest.


Location– Karjat
Altitude– 1200 feet
Difficulty level- Moderate
Duration-1.5 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places- Beautiful view Morbe dam, Prabalgad, Irshalgad, Rajmachi, Songiri fort and Matheran mountains, Sondai Devi temple,


  1. Monsoon Trek to Visapur


Maharashtra has many fort treks. However, the Visapur Fort Trek is one of the most exciting day treks for you, passing through various villages, routes, and a beautiful waterfall. The Visapur Fort, in Visapur village in Lonavala, is a popular hill fort. It is also known as Visapoor Fort and is a favorite weekend destination for Pune and Mumbai people. It was built as a twin fort to the famed Lohagad fort and provided you with an adventure for thrill-seekers and trekkers. This trek is an excellent chance to get away from the busy city life and into the nature and mountains that keep tempting you back. So, if you are looking for a journey that will offer you a sense of fulfillment during this monsoon time, then this is the best one day monsoon treks in Maharashtra.

Trek to visapur fort

The distance between Visapur fort and Lohagadwadi is very short. It will take 40 minutes to reach the top of the fort. Once you get to the Visapur fort entrance, there are several gorgeous places to visit. The fort can be reached through a number of trek routes. The one that begins before Lohagadwadi, is the shortest and most straightforward. The height to be attained is approximately 1084 meters. The difficulty level is simple to achieve. The trek takes roughly two hours to complete.


This trek is most popular during the monsoon season when there is plenty of beauty, the trees smell wonderful, and you can feel the cool wind on your face. And the clouds in the sky will look like cotton candy. It all adds to a lovely experience and refreshment, exactly what you need on weekends to de-stress. The level of difficulty in getting to the location is around average.


When the trails split, take the right side to reach Lohagad fort, then the left fork to reach Visapur fort. In the monsoon, the trails of Visapur will provide you with a fun experience of trekking in water between the rocky landscapes. There is also an offbeat place near the back of the Visapur fort.


Location– Lonavala
Altitude– 3556 feet
Difficulty level- Moderate
Duration-3 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places- Old Grinder ancient caves, visapur fort wall, cannons, hanuman temple, mountain views


  1. Monsoon Trek to Ratangad


During the monsoon, Ratangad is one of the best attractive forts to trek in Maharashtra. Though trekking in the winter is excellent, trekking in the Ratangad monsoon offers benefits. The trek from Shendi to Ratangad’s base village is stunning. Throughout the hike, there are beautiful waterfalls and lush green trees. At an elevation of 4255 feet, the fort is a historic fort. This magnificent fort, located in the Western Ghats, is around 23 kilometers from Bhandardara.


The Ratangad trek is a moderate to easy trek. The trek to the Ratangad fort takes about 4-5 hours. You will have an exciting trekking adventure that will excite your mind and body. The road from Ratanwadi village to the Ratangad fort is among the most popular. Travelers will come across many caves along the way that travelers utilize for camping. It is somewhat tough to get to the location.

Ratangad fort

From the top of the Ratangad fort, which is your last goal, you will be able to observe stunning beauty. A panoramic view of several mountains may be seen from every angle. You may see the scenic beauty of Alang, Madan, Kulang, Harishchandragad, and other big mountains and forts. Not only is that but there is an amazing sight of the Bhandardara Lake that will delight your eyes. You can see the beautiful cliff as you walk along the fort’s edge. The mountain is covered in wild yellow Sonki flowers during the late monsoon season.


During the monsoon season, the fort and the trek region are surrounded by green nature. It is unusual to be climbing a hill surrounded by lush nature. While trekking, you may also see beautiful waterfalls. The Ratangad fort trek is a great way to have an adventure trip while also spending time in the great outdoors in Maharashtra.


Location– Kansara
Altitude– 4255 feet
Difficulty level- Moderate
Duration-3.5-4 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places- Ratangad Fort, Mountain views


  1. Kalsubai Monsoon Trek


During the Monsoons, you will be hiking in the clouds at 5400 feet because the Kalsubai fort trek is one of Maharashtra’s tallest peaks. The best way to explore nature is to go on the Kalsubai Monsoon Trek. Beautiful views, lush green fields, and rice fields will be visible. It is ideal for beginners because it is a short hike that offers amazing views of Bhandardara, Wilson Dam, and Alang Madan Kulang. In addition, the mountain’s little ladder makes the climb safer.


In Bhandardara, the view of this majestic mountain is thrilling. It is also known as Maharashtra’s Everest because it is the state’s highest peak. The trek is difficult, and only the most experienced trekkers usually reach their peak. If you don’t want to walk more, there are now man-made stairs that will take you to the top. The hills near the Kalsubai peak are much easier to climb. After a trek to the fort, you can explore the Bhandardara dam and lake. The base village is only 6 kilometers away from the lake and dam.

kalsubai night trek photoshoot

And it is said that one of the most exciting spots of doing the trek during the monsoons is that clouds always cover up the peak, so you never see it along the trail. This trek’s adventure is enhanced by the feeling of walking into the unknown and unseen. The truck ride takes roughly 2-3 hours. Because of the clouds, the peak of Kalsubai is hidden for most of the trail. This trek, which takes you through lush green valleys, waterfalls, and paddy fields, is well worth the effort. Due to the fact that it is a moderately steep climb, there is a well-defined trail with ladders and railing to make it easier. hike to Kalsubai is one of the few monsoon treks in Maharashtra that you cant miss at any cost.


Location– Kalsubai
Altitude– 5400 feet
Difficulty level- Medium
Duration-5-6 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places- Kalsubai temple, surrounding views


  1. Monsoon Trek to Harishchanragad


Harishchandragad is one of Maharashtra’s best high forts near Mumbai and Pune. Harishchandragad is well-known for its historical value. Harishchandragad is located 171 kilometers away from Pune and 200 kilometers away from Mumbai.


Nature lovers come to this location to see the fort and the surrounding natural beauty. It even has a variety of activities. This palace offers all of the activities that a perfect vacation needs. The most popular starting point for this hike is Belpada Village. If you enjoy trekking, you will enjoy this location because the Harishchandragad trip offers several options. It has easy paths for beginner trekkers, moderate routes for a thrilling trek, and difficult routes for a more difficult climb.

Harishchandra Camping and Trekking

The trip takes about 9 hours, and the effort is well worth it when you get to the Harishchandragad fort, the final destination. There are gorgeous mountains, beautiful greenery, and several waterfalls on the Harishchandragad hike. You can feel the fresh air and hear the pleasant sound of rustling leaves and chirping birds during the monsoons, which will help relax your mind and body. The natural beauty of the views from the top is wonderful. From the top, you can see many mountains and stunning valleys. This trek can be considered moderate to challenging, depending on your route. 


As you will be forced to climb highly rocky parts, it is advised that you bring good quality trekking gear with you. Harishchandragad trek is around 4650 feet above sea level which makes it one of the challenging and best monsoon treks in Maharashtra. The walk is about 2-3 kilometers long. As you climb the Harishchandragad, there are numerous points of interest. Konkan Kada is one of the most well-known sights in the area. The Konkan region may be seen from this viewpoint, which offers panoramic views. The green valley surrounding the hills looks beautiful during the monsoons.


Location– Kasara
Altitude– 4665 feet
Difficulty level- Moderate
Duration-3.5-4 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places- Harishchandragad Fort, Mountains,Views


  1. Kothaligad Monsoon Trek


In the Sahyadri range, Kothaligad Peth Fort is located in the beautiful and picturesque locale of Karjat district in  Maharashtra. The fort is also located near the Karjat-Murbad highway in Maharashtra, India. Because of its proximity to the Peth village, Kothaligad Peth Fort was given its name. According to historians, the fort was taken by Aurangzeb in 1684 and later passed into British hands in 1862. During the monsoon season, the location is particularly popular with adventure lovers. The Kothaligad monsoon trek provides a beautiful view of nature, with its majestic interplay of clouds, gentle breezes, and flowing waterfalls.


The trek to Kothaligad Peth Fort, located at the height of 3100 feet, has become popular due to its low difficulty level and simple hiking. While many trekkers visit the area throughout the year, the monsoon trek to Kothaligad and Peth Fort offers much more. The Peth Fort walk is regarded as one of the best experiences for those who cannot afford to take longer vacations from work and wish to refresh themselves with a short break from their stressful schedule.

Kothaligad trek banner

The Kothaligad Peth Fort is not alone on the hilltop but is surrounded by other historical forts such as Rajmachi and Dhak. There are canon marks, temples, and potholes throughout the fort. To get to the top, one must climb a stairwell. When you reach the top, you can look at the beauty of the fort’s main attractions, a grassy landscape, and well-sculpted pillars. According to the locals, the fort is a lighthouse utilized by the rulers of the time to give directions and keep track of enemy activity.


A small temple and a chimney-like tunnel leading to the top of the fort may be found at the fort’s base. Trekkers will also come across a small waterfall on their journey to Kothaligad Peth Fort. The trail is more peaceful and beautiful with lush green shrubs and trees. From forts to caves and the 13th-century temple to water reservoirs, the monsoon trek to Kothaligad or Peth Fort is considered the best weekend destination for adventure and peace seekers in Mumbai or Pune.

Location– Karjat
Altitude– 3,100 feet
Difficulty level- Easy
Duration-4-6 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to September
Focus places– Kothaligad fort, idyllic views from the top, and historic caves.


  1. Andharban Forest Trek


Andharban Trek, which means dark forest, is popular in Pune. The trail is around 14 kilometers long, with a deep forest covering most of it. It would suggest doing this hike during the start of the monsoon, the end of the monsoon, and in the winter. In Maharashtra, the monsoon season is a wonderful period. As the forest floor transforms into a carpet of leaves, the dark, damp jungle comes alive with the noises of animals and birds. Having witnessed Mother Nature during this time is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  The forest trek is one of the favorite hikes during this time because it includes several natural waterfalls and offers some spectacular views from above the hills. You can try this trek a few times now; each time has been as exciting as the last.

andharban forest

Because the trail is wide, the forest trek is safe. The route is well-marked the entire way. However, before trying the trek, you should check the weather prediction. Playing in the numerous streams and waterfalls on a typical rainy day will be enjoyable. However, this trek should be avoided if it rains heavily because the waterfalls and streams would become difficult to cross. So, if the weather becomes poor before and during the trek, checking the weather, waiting it out, and walking out is the best option on the trek. It is 658 meters above sea level. It will take the time of the trek is about 5 hours.


You will be traveling through the beautiful green grass and deeply covered forest cover because the trip is best done during the monsoon season. You will see amazing views of the Kundalika Valley while walking through this fog-covered forest, mesmerising small and large streams of water and gushing waterfalls, and cross these big water streams with the valley on one side the view of the waterfall on the other. This mysterious forest will amaze you with surprises while walking through the fog-covered forest. If you love forest and deep walks to the woods, Andharban is one of the must try monsoon treks in Maharashtra.


Location– pimpri
Altitude– 2159 feet
Difficulty level- Medium
Duration-4-6 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to September
Focus places– Andharban forest, waterfalls, caves



  1. Aadrai Jungle Jrek


Are you looking for an adventurous monsoon treks in Maharashtra? Do you like to explore the hidden routes of dense forest and experience the wide range of flora and fauna? Then Adarai jungle trek is the one for you.


Aadrai Jungle Trek

Aadrai forest get its most attraction during monsoon season where you will be able to explore the deep forest, smaller waterfalls, caves, large woods, etc. Aadrai trek is going to be thrilling as well as challenging for you. Aadrai forest situated at the Malshej Ghat of Sahyadri. Most interesting fact about the Aadrai jungle is that the hidden routes are found by the local villagers them self when they were lost in the deep forest.  Aadrai forest is having medium difficulty and suggested to do the trek under the guidance of an expert. Aadrai forest is around 123 km from Mumbai and 140 km from Pune.


Location– Thitabi Tarf Vaishakhare
Altitude– 2490 feet
Difficulty level- Medium
Duration-5 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to September
Focus places– 1200 feet mega waterfall, Deep forest, water streams


  1. Dudhsagar Waterfall Trek


If you are a natural explorer, you cannot miss a trip to one of India’s largest and most beautiful waterfalls. A Dudhsagar waterfall, as the name implies, is the sea of milk. And also it is on the Mandovi River in Goa, around 60 kilometers from Panaji by road. It is one of India’s tallest waterfalls. It stands at a height of 310 meters and 1017 feet. This location has a unique beauty that sets it apart from other waterfalls. You will feel entirely different when you visit the falls because you cannot be conveyed in words. Milky clouds look to be rising from the falls, while clouds appear to be dropping from the sky. 


Dudhsagar Falls has all of the natural vibes that you require. Who does not enjoy nature? The pure crystal water and beautiful flora surrounding the waterfall will impress you. The beautiful nature that surrounds the falls creates a great aesthetic vibe. This is where your adventure begins. To reach the waterfall, you must trek through a deep forest. The Dudhsagar trek is a 14-kilometer one-way trek that takes about 6-7 hours and takes you through lush forest and along railway tracks. And it will all be worth it when you reach the waterfall glory. You will be surprised to see such stunning views when you first visit the waterfalls and the natural beauty surrounding them is praise-worthy.


This location’s stunning beauty, nice feelings, and glittering and peaceful nature make it a popular visitor attraction. The base of the falls has created a new pool with turquoise blue water that has fallen from the Dudhsagar falls. This is a great area to visit if you want to escape the crowds of city life. There is a fresh, peaceful, and pleasant breeze everywhere you look. Also, the difficulty level to trek is easy.


Location– Sonaulim
Altitude– 1017 feet
Difficulty level- Easy to moderate
Duration-4-5 hours
Best time to visit– Mid June to November
Focus places– Dudhsagar Waterfall, Train journey


Bottom Line

Most people like to go trekking to explore nature. Trekking during monsoon time is always special.  The above listed are some of the top lists of monsoon treks in Maharashtra. As you all know, the monsoon is the best season most people enjoy. If you want to relax you can go for a trek in Maharashtra to see the green peace and explore a lot. Contact Liveb4youdie trekking experts to find the best monsoon trek plans.





Monsoon Treks in Maharashtra -FAQ

Why Monsoon Trek ?

Monsoon season is the best time to do trekking because of the following factors


  • Lush green surroundings and chilling atmosphere
  • Availability of Smaller to larger waterfalls
  • Wide range of Flora and fauna
  • Fireflies Events

Monsoon treks in Maharashtra is safe ?

Monsoon treks are completely safe and Liveb4youdie team takes extra care to make your hiking special and memorable. we advice all our trekkers to follow the rules and regulations for a pleasant trekking experience. 

Which is the most happening monsoon treks in maharashtra?

All treks are unique and a different experience. It is suggested to choose your monsoon trek depends on your interest, difficulty level  and experience level. we have one day trek, night treks, 2 – 3 day teaks available. Please contact our team for more clarification 

How do i contact ?

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